What My Doctor Said

Sabi ng Doctor Ko

There’s a parent I recall meeting on one of our AIT seminars. Everytime he would ask us a question, he would always start with a quote from his doctor .

I never argue with a parent who is fully invested in his doctor, but sometimes it makes me wonder as to how many of us here are as invested as this parent is?

I recall another parent, let’s call her Mommy B. who told me how her doctor had told her many years ago that her child would never have a normal life. Simply put, Mommy B. never accepted what her doctor told her .

As shared by Mommy B:

“ When my doctor said to do OT, I went out and did OT. Later on, I added a Speech Therapist (upon my doctor’s recommendation) and a SPED teacher as well . That same year, I met a Mommy A who was doing a lot of other interventions that I had never heard of before. Mommy A told me that her son started making good progress since she started .

Inspired, I went on to do gfcf diet and biomedical intervention for my son that same year (against my doctor’s recommendation) and do even further research into my son’s condition.
When my son was five, I added Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) to his list of therapies and did AIT to address his sensory issues.

The year my son turned six, my doctor asked me to remove my ABA teacher. I asked him “Why?” He told me that I could save more money since my son was already “talking ”.

To which Mommy B replied, “But Doctor, I still see a lot of behavioural issues that need to be addressed, I think I’ll be keeping my therapist. ”

Mommy B was little upset by what he said and thought to herself- if a therapy is working, why remove it ?

A moment of awkward silence then the doctor replied in a joking manner. “ Buti ka pa (means good for you) , you know what you’re doing.”

From Mommy B’s experience, when a developmentally delayed child starts talking, the challenge doesn’t simply end there.

There are still a lot of social skills and behavioral issues that these children still need to learn in order to cope with their developmental delays.

Yes, you can listen to your doctor, but always remember that you are still your son’s best advocate. Read, research and educate your self. Speak up for your child.

Nobody knows him better than you do.

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