AIT Experience of an 8 year old boy with Speech Delay and Sensory Integration Issues

Nicky’s AIT session

Interventions: Gluten free cassein free diet, ABA, Medium Oxalate Diet, OT, Biomed, HBOT (105 Dives last dive being December 2009), Speech Therapy and mainstream SPED class.

Nicky  came here because of issues with poor eye contact, delayed auditory processing skills, delayed expressive and  receptive language, and delayed verbal reasoning skills.  He also has short attention span and hyperactivity. He also has some sensitivity to sounds and hates the song ” Happy Birthday” being sung.

On our first meeting, Nicky had very little eye contact and would be selective as to who he would have eye contact with. He also did not like trying AIT and was very irritated and upset at the headphones and the sound of the music.

Nicky ‘s mom hopes that with AIT, Nicky’s attention and focus will improve. He will have less issues with sound sensitivity and he will be able to communicate better with his peers.

AIT Sessions:

Initially, Nicky disliked his AIT sessions a lot. He was often irritated during the sessions. He would remove teacher’s hands or even the headphones without warning.

On the 2nd day, Mom noticed that Nicky’s voice became stronger and less high pitched.  He could also finish reading a storybook whereas before he couldn’t even finish a book.

On the 3rd day, Nicky is excited with his sessions and tries on the headphones by himself.  He even wonders aloud what the music will be.  He is restless and constantly has to be reminded not to keep moving or removing his headphones.

On the 4th day, Mom and Nicky got home late after AIT. Nicky decided to work on a  Google Sketch 3D rendering of a Potato Corner booth. He worked for 20 minutes before Mom ordered him to turn off the computer and rest. Mom was surprised that Nicky obeyed.  Usually Nicky is very attached to his 3D and would continue working and ignoring Mom-  until he was able to achieve his desired look.

On the 5th day, Nicky starts behaving better. He’s quick to remind teacher that the music has stopped.  For the first time, Nicky actually fell asleep during an AIT session.

Nicky attended Sunday school during his weekend break.  Mom noticed that Nicky seemed to be relaxed and more comfortable mingling with the other children. Normally, he would just find something else to do and just stay in a corner by himself.

Nicky was  able to concentrate on the teacher’s instructions and join the group activities. He did art during one activity and was so proud of his work that he wanted a picture taken. This is the first time he’s done this.  Unfortunately, Yaya didn’t have a camera that time and he cried.

Mom noticed Nicky crying and went up to him that was when she found out the problem.  After Mom took the picture of his work. Nicky started calling all the kids in the room to take a picture with him.

He said  ” picture with me. picture with me.  kids with balloons.”   The kids weren’t paying attention to him. So he asked his Mom for help by saying “Mommy, get kids with balloons to picture with me.”  Mom then asked the other kids to join in the picture with Nicky in the center of it all.

Nicky was given a balloon which he brought with him to the car. Upon seeing the balloon, his brother Benny started to cry.  Nicky pitied Benny and ended up giving his balloon to him.

The trouble only started when they got home.  Nicky wanted the balloon to pop. He tried throwing a thumb tack at it because he wanted it to pop. The boys started arguing because  Benny wanted to just see the balloon safely floating in the air.

Mom had to intervene in the end.  She solved the problem by hiding the balloon from Nicky.  Benny could only play with the balloon if Nicky wasn’t around.

6th day onwards till the 10th day

Nicky was more behaved and would ask permission to remove the headphones.  He would often greet teacher now.  We also noticed improved eye contact at the end of the sessions.

Mom related one more incident before the last day of AIT:

Mom: Nicky you have to sleep it’s very late.

Nicky: Okay Mom.  Ten more minutes.

Mom noticed later that Nicky did as he promised and closed the computer.  Before, it was difficult for him to immediately comply.  Mom noted that the lights were open.

Mom : : Nicky, you forgot to close the lights.

Nicky closed the lights and  said : ” I want to sleep with my Mommy.”

Nicky’s mom was very thankful about her son’s AIT experience.   We are happy to have been a part of his success story.  Nicky would not have made it this far without his parents’ unconditional love, perseverance and  prayers. Their family is a source of inspiration for us.

Thank you for allowing us to share Nicky’s story. 

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