AIT Experience of an 8 year old with Speech Delay and Sensory Integration 3 months post AIT

We’ve been fortunate enough to have Mommy C. who has been such an angel at collating Nicky’s changes and experiences since he had his first AIT three months ago. 

Most children usually have their changes in AIT after (3) three to (6) months.  In some children, AIT changes are very dramatic.  In children whose cases are similar to that of Nicky , the changes are subtle and require time.   It usually takes an observant mother to fully appreciate these changes.

Part of Nicky’s school burned down recently, so Nicky was out of school for a month   When they came back from the break, teachers in school noted that Nicky was faster at absorbing lessons. He was even among the top performing kids in the class.  Teachers also noted that Nicky is better at processing answers and thinking of solutions. 

On Losing a Tooth: 

He has also become more aware since AIT.  He actually told Yaya to check his teeth. This is something he’s never done before as he’s usually not that self-aware.  He also lost a tooth and was able to tell his mom.

Nicky: I lost a tooth

Mommy: Did you swallow the tooth or did you throw it away?

Nicky: I swallowed it (looking serious)

Mommy: Let’s open your tummy.

Nicky: No! No ! I throw it away.

Mom was quite amazed that Nicky was able to joke about his lost tooth.

On a visit to the Center: 

Mommy C. and Nicky went to visit Teacher Steph at the center .

Teacher Steph greeted Mom: “How are you ?”

Before Mom could even reply: Nicky spoke up . “ I ‘m fine. Thank you.”

Teacher Steph was surprised by Nicky’s ready response and eye contact.  The first time she had met Nicky, he had such fleeting eye contact.  He also had to be prompted to reply to questions. His use of language was much more limited.

On Reading and Language:

According to Mommy C., Nicky readily responds when asked. He enjoys Geronimo Stilton books and reads short stories.  He is now able to talk  more in “phrases”.  His command of the English language has improved.

On Sound Sensitivity:

Mom noticed that Nicky covers his ears less now. He can now tolerate hearing the birthday song and other forms of music.

On Expressing Hunger:

Mom shared that  Nicky was actually able to say “ I’m hungry. My tummy is grumbling.”  It is a breakthrough that Mommy C. is thankful for, whereas, months before he could only say communicate that he’s hungry only when he was asked.

On Computer Games:

Nicky is also better at playing games like “ Jet pack Joyride”  He averages 1000 pts now whereas before he could not get past 500.

On Self help:  He does a lot of things on his own now- like dressing up, wearing shoes and socks, and wiping his butt.

On Poo:

Nicky “Baho ! (stinky). My poo poo fall down on the floor!”

Yaya asked him: “ Who messed up the floor?”

Nicky: Me!

He was not bothered by the poo.

On Going Out:

Nicky : (headed out of the house)

Mom: Where are you going?

Nicky: I want to go out.  I want to go to Robinson’s Magnolia.

Mom: How can you go out? You are not dressed.

Nicky: (Nicky looks at this shirt  and looking sheepish) “ Oh!”

Nicky decides to go back into the house and change.

On Giving Commands:

N: Mommy push me.

Mom: Why should I push you

N: Push me up to there  (because he wanted Mommy to carry him up)

Since Nicky’s command of language improved, he is now able to communicate more of his wants and needs in an appropriate manner.

On Brushing Teeth:

Nicky now goes up by himself to brush teeth on his own. This is the first time he has done this. He often had to be either prompted or reminded to do the task.

On Fixations:

He has lost his fixation with Angry birds (at last).   He is now more curious about things.  His developed awareness is better.

On Getting a Haircut:

It used to be so difficult for Mom to get Nicky to have a haircut because he would squirm and move around as he couldn’t stand the tickling sensation of the shaver.

Mom; It’s a little tickle. Ignore it.

Nicky (referring to the shaver) : It tickles.

Nicky did his best to ignore the tickling sensation and tries his best to behave.

Mom was able to leave Nicky for a while to get some change.  When she got back, Nicky was still having his haircut.

While waiting for the barber to finish his haircut, Nicky got bored and asked about the TV.

Nicky (on seeing the closed TV): Open the TV

Barber: The TV is not working

Nicky: What will I do?!

Mommy C. is very happy with the developments. A few months ago, she could not even leave Nicky alone at the barber shop.  He always had to be prompted and even held sometimes.  Now, he only needs a few prompts.

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2 Responses to AIT Experience of an 8 year old with Speech Delay and Sensory Integration 3 months post AIT

  1. maya says:

    Inspiring 🙂 Thank you for sharing! Your blog is a huge help as we are in the middle of deciding whether or not we should send our son and have him undergo AIT. He is almost 7yrs old and his hearing is hyper-acute.

    • Hi Ma’am, thank you for inspiring us to do more sharing on kids with autism and how we can help them further. We appreciate your feedback and hope that your child gets help with his hypersensitivity. God Bless and more Power to you!

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