Why You Should Help Your Child Overcome Handwriting Difficulties

Kids  often have difficulties in handwriting.  It is a complex skill for them to learn. More often than not, many kids get frustrated trying to master the skill of handwriting. These are areas of concern when it comes to your child’s writing.

Is your child handling the pencil correctly?

Is the handwriting legible?

Is it neat? Does the child show poor fine motor control?

Does the child experience discomfort when writing?

Is he/she applying enough pressure on the pencil?

Does he/she write too slow or fast?

Does your child have a good attitude towards writing?

It always pays to consult with an occupational therapist (OT) when you find that you need to be concerned about your child’s handwriting.  An occupational therapist can help  with exercises, tips and strategies for a child with poor handwriting skills.  They can also correct your child’s pencil gripping skills at an early age.

Why is it important to invest in your child’s handwriting skills? Over the years, handwriting difficulties can impact on a child’s education and self-esteem.  As children progress through school, they are expected to express what they know through writing.  If a child fails to learn these basic skills, he will be unable to cope with the speed and fluency that teachers expect children at their age level to be writing in.

If your child’s writing problem is not addressed, it can even interfere with the actual process of learning.  Once learning is affected, it is difficult for the child to stay motivated and interested in the classroom.

It is not surprising to find one of the leading traditional schools in Manila focusing so much time and effort on strengthening their student’s handwriting skills in the preschool years alone.  This is to prepare the students for the school’s rigorous academic curriculum.

We’ve compiled a list of  teaching aids that you can try  to help your child look forward to handwriting practice.  Here are some popular teaching tools to help your child’s handwriting skills improve:

Pencil Grips

Pencil Grips  are a revolutionary applied technology that works with the body’s natural physiology to gently place fingers in the proper position for gripping. Allowing over a 90% surface contact with its soft comfortable gripping surface, The Pencil Grip sets the industry standard in ergonomic pencil grips. It works for both right and left handed users by gently placing the hand of its users in the proper writing position for gripping. The natural feel and soft comfortable material make it easy and fun to write.


Pencil Grips are doctor and occupational therapist recommended.  They assist with hand health issues and are latex and phalate free.

Twist Up crayons


No more tears over broken crayons. These  mini twist up crayons come in smooth plastic barrels that make them feel like markers.

Kneadable Scented Erasers


Fun and functional erasers for every kid who needs something to “fidget” with in the classroom. Stretch, squeeze and squish for fun.

Grippable KUM Bear Sharpeners


Easy grip imported sharpeners from Germany with built in no mess compartment.  The bear also doubles as an eraser.

Papermate Eraser Toppers


Useful for pencils whose erasers have outlived their lives. A snug fit on any regular pencil.  Erasers are of good quality.



Smencils are a fun additional to a child’s sensory diet.  High quality round #2 pencils with erasers. Each pencil has a different flavour. Choose between cotton candy, bubble gum, cherry, chocolate, grape, root beer, orange, tropical blast, very berry, watermelon.  Each pencil comes in a freshness tube to maintain scents for 2 years.  Smencils are environmental friendly and made from newspapers.

Tri-write crayons


The perfect crayon for young children just learning how to color. It strengthens fine and gross motor skills and encourages proper writing grasp.

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers


A wonderful sensory experience for children who want to explore colors and scents.  Mr. Sketch markers

Therapy Supplies can be found at the following :

Crayola Twist Up Crayons – available at regular bookstores

Website for special needs supplies:  http://multiply.com/autism

Let’s Talk and Learn Therapy center at 705 Heinz Road, Le Mariche Residences, E. Rodriguez, Quezon City, Quezon City, Metro Manila, 4126937 4126936

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