One Year After AIT Revisiting 8 year old Nicky’s Improvements After Therapy

Meeting Mommy C after all this time is a wonderful experience. She’s filled with funny stories and anecdotes about Nicky.  I’ve taken the time to document changes that she and her familiy have seen after AIT.


Nicky exhibits better posture now compared to before.   He no longer jumps repetitively, he only jumps he is excited.   He no longer freezes or stops when walking .

He is able to sit down, before he would always lie down and would often have to be prompted to sit straight.


He now longer needs instructions repeated several times.  He can now recall things heard before with some prompting.  He is able to relate better to what is seen and heard.

He used to say “what” indiscriminately.  Now, he is able to say “ what” more appropriately.  He relies less on visual cues and picture print.  He daydreams less and shows a more active imagination now.

He used to “hum” and make noises to himself.  He still makes noises but the words that come out of his mouth have more “sense”.

He likes educating himself about words now compared to before.  After AIT, he learned to use the dictionary and now he’s moved to checking the meanings of words over the internet.  His speech has also improved now because of his newfound interest in words.

He used to frequently give odd or inappropriate responses to conversation.  Now, Nicky is able to answer questions more appropriately.

He is able to communicate better and think about things :

On Dominoes:

Nicky was playing dominos and ran out of dominoes.

Nicky: I need more color dominoes

Yaya:  You need money to buy more dominoes

Nicky:  Ha? I need money ? !  Can I pray na lang.

Mom found this amusing because Nicky realized that he needs money in order to buy dominoes.

On Brownouts:

Nicky experiences a brownout while playing computer.

Nicky: There’s no more electricity, can you please call the electrician?

Mommy: The brownout will not be fixed by the electrician only.  You need to wait for Meralco to fix the brownout.

Nicky: So the electrician work for Meralco?

Mommy: Yes

Nicky: So let’s go to Meralco and get the electrician.

(After a few days of succeeding brownouts, Nicky goes up to Mommy:

Nicky:  Hay, when I grow I want to work for Meralco .


On Google

Mommy: Do you know what Google means?

Nicky (goes to the computer and googles the word Google).

Nicky (comes back and says): Google is the number 1 search engine in the Philippines.

Mom is amused because Nicky would often use the dictionary to search for word meanings to increase his vocabulary, but ever since he discovered Google he likes to say “ i Google na lang…”

On Robot:

While watching Voltes V on You Tube:

Nicky: I’m a robot. Do you know Mommy that robots needs batteries as food ?

Mommy: Uh huh

Later on:

Nicky: I’m hungry. I need some batteries.

Mommy:  What?!

Nicky: Pretend lang  (with a smile).

On Being Angry:

Nicky (tells his brother): Don’t  knock down my dominoes or I will become an angry bird.

Mommy (overhears) : What will you do if you are angry?

Nicky: If I am angry I will become an angry bird

Mommy: what happens if you become an angry bird?

Nicky: If I will become an angry bird, I will become an angry N. If I become an angry N. I will spank /smack you.

Mommy: If you smack mommy what will happen?

Nicky: Mommy will cry

Mommy: What happens when Mommy cries ?

Nicky: Mommy will cry like a baby

Mommy: I s Mommy still a baby?

Nicky: No, Mommy is not a baby anymore.

On Toys and Going to Sleep:

Nicky  doesn’t usually want to fix his toys and Mom always insists that Nicky should fix his own toys.  Nicky didn’t want to pack away his toys :

Mommy: No more toys

Nicky: No no no. How about five more minutes?

Mommy: No, time to sleep.

Nicky: No no no. No time to sleep. Time to play.

Mommy:  No more time to play. Go to sleep.

Nicky: No sleep. How about no more mommy?

Mommy: No Mommy. No Toy.

Nicky: How about five more minutes?

This conversation goes round and round.

Sound Sensitivity

Nicky is able to sit down longer and he has no more issue.  He still hears noises at night but compared to before, he now asks what the sound is. He no longer hears sounds before anyone else.   He likes to adjust music that he likes (louder).

Around certain sounds, Nicky likes to say off:

While Yaya was listening to her radio program:

Nicky: Turn off the radio.

Yaya: Don’t you dare  turn off  my boyfriend

Nicky: No no no. Turn the radio off.

Yaya: No, that ‘s my boyfriend.

Nicky:  Shut down your boyfriend. (and he went and turned off the radio).

On Thunderstorms

Last year, one of Nicky’s major issues is that he’s bothered by thunderstorms.  This year we thought was no different until I saw how he managed his fear.

“For those who know my boy and are aware of his sound sensitivity… Nicky  is aware that  after  lightning… a loud thunder noise follows… Tonight is no different… he was even covering his ears when he saw the  lightning from the windows and he would jump under the blankets for cover.  What I find  so delightful to observe is that after each time he covers  his ears  under the blanket.  He comes out smiling shouting…”Voltes V!” V formation…. ha ha ha…what a sight… he didn’t let his fear defeat his sunny disposition… love u anak… Voltes V naman kami ngayon…”

Habits and Behaviors

Nicky ‘s preoccupation is dominos.  He’s into dominos and Google.  He likes to do it on the computer  or use a pen and paper to draw whatever comes to mind.  Routines are no longer as important as before. He no longer has periods of anger with acting out.   His eye contact is a lot better.   He still likes to do his own thing during school play time.

Nicky needs prompting often since he is so curious.  He gets distracted because he likes to do things all at once.

On Jesus:

Today. Nicky told me he had a wonderful day…in fact to almost everyone in our home…his dad, his brother, his Amah and even to his two ate…jolly and babbly about his most wonderful day… what makes me grateful is not because he could actually express his happiness and satisfaction today but at the end of the day…my big little man did not forget to tell Jesus… his great buddy…how grateful he is for such a wondeful day…  Thank you God… good night everyone..

As retold by Mommy C.

We first shared Nicky’s story last year :

We are happy to update everyone about Nicky’s developments today.   These are anecdotes from Nicky’s mom that we’ve taken time to collect and share.  More than eight years ago, Nicky’s mom was devastated when he was first diagnosed with the classic signs of autism.

Today, after a long journey, Nicky is finally emerging out of his shell .  Mommy C is happy that God kept his promise to her in giving back her boy.

Congratulations, Nicky and Mommy C.  We’re glad to have been a part of Nicky’s journey.

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