Always Keep Your Word

Always keep your word and make sure your child knows that you really mean it.

Years ago my then 6 year old son behaved so badly that Yaya threatened him that if he didn’t behave she would tell Mommy not to bring him to Shangri-la.

I made the mistake of pitying him and told Yaya that it was okay he could go since the whole family was going.

When we got to Shangri-la, I overheard my son smugly telling Yaya. “See? Even if I don’t behave, I can still go to Shangri-la.”

Big mistake. I was mortified when I realized that I just taught him that Yaya ‘s threats don’t count.

I couldn’t undo what I had done.

The next time he behaved badly though. I left him with Yaya at home (without any tv, ipad or computer) while everyone went to Shangri-la.

He never forgot the day we left him behind. It was there that he realized we really mean it whenever we give him a warning.

It was a wake up call for me and a lesson learned.

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