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How AIT helped an 8 year old boy do better in school

Mark is  an average eight year old boy in studying in an exclusive Filipino – Chinese boys’ school.  His mom brought him to us because Mark  complained about noises bothering him.  His mom didn’t believe him initially and decided to come see us.

Mom was concerned about Mark’s grades.  Mark had been doing poorly in school and didn’t seem to be able to well on quizzes and tests.  At one point, Mark got a horrendously low grade in Math.  Mom confronted him about his grades.

Mark  ended up telling him Mom that he was distracted in school.  The sound of the parrots at the ground floor of the school bothered him . Mom found this hard to believe as Mark’s classroom was on the third floor.  How could parrots bother him so much?

Upon evaluation,we discovered that Mark had a prior history of ear infections and allergies to dairy.  He had an issue with concentration and was easily distracted.  He could hear sounds  more loudly than others.  He had fears of certain things like being all alone in a room as he could hear noises at night.  He was awkward and uncoordinated.

Although he studied harder than most students, he had poor test scores.  His mom felt that the tests scores didn’t accurately reflect what he really knew.  Mark had problems with listening skills.  He had issues with math. He was hyperactive and had a tendency to shut down under pressure.

Mom didn’t realize that Mark was really hypersensitive to sound until she started answering the checklist.  She began to realize why Mark seemed to have unusual reactions to  fireworks  and movies. Outwardly, Mark had never shown signs of obvious hypersensitivity.  He would complain about being distracted by noises.  He would  cover his ears only when the sounds are really loud.

When school ended, Mark’s mom had him go through the AIT program in 12 days   Mark was behaved and very cooperative. Throughout the sessions, he would ask about his “superhearing”.  I would tell him that once the program was done his “superhearing would be a little better”.

True enough, on the last day of AIT , we checked on Mark’s progress with his hypersensitivity. It had lessened to a degree that the sounds no longer bothered him that much.

During a follow-up with his Mom after a few months, Mark’s mom told us that Mark’s studying time had been cut down from 2 hours to an 1 hour. His grades were doing well.  He was also able to focus in class better.

Mark’s a happier boy now that he’s lost his “superhearing”.  He proudly tells his mom from “ Superhero to ZERO”.

Over the years, we’ve met a lot of proactive mothers.  I’m proud to say that Mark’s mom is probably one of the most proactive mothers we’ve ever met.  She was able to pinpoint her son’s problem and find the right therapy to address her son’s issues.  Mark is truly lucky.

If his hypersensitivity had not been addressed , Mark probably would not be enjoying his school life today. He would be stressed out trying to concentrate on his studies. He would still be exerting twice the effort to study compared to his other classmates who did not have any issues with hypersensitivity.

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How a Four Year Old Found His Words After AIT

J. is 4 years old.  He was diagnosed as a case of classic autism at age 2 years 11 months.    J. Has very limited speech and does not know how to communicate.  He’s hyperactive. He often takes others by the wrist to use their hands to open doors or get objects.  He flaps and likes climbing on furniture.

J. often needs instructions repeated several times.  He has difficulty in phonics.    He often does not follow directions.   He frequently says a lot of garbled words that his mom can’t usually understand.

He often memorizes words to songs or stories on video.     He learns poorly through verbal instruction.  He displays a slow response to verbal stimuli. He does not know the appropriate use of toys. He gives delayed response to questions and most of the time he does  not reply to questions.

J.’s mom first heard about AIT through her doctor whose child had AIT in Manila several years ago.   J.’s mom decided to take the chance to go to Manila in the hopes of seeing improvement in her son.

J’s mom hopes  that AIT will help him with more eye contact. She also hopes that AIT can help J.  speak 3 or 4 word sentences .  She also wishes that J. would be able to comprehend instructions better as well as see more normal movements in her son.

J. therapies include occupational therapy once (1x) a week. He has speech therapy 1x or 2x a year whenever a speech therapist visits.   There is only one occupational therapist on their island.

J. and his mom often have to travel by boat to Manila to get home programs and assessments .  There are no airports in the island where J. and his mom live. Travel is difficult and the waves can be treacherously strong during the rainy season.

J. often doesn’t respond when his name is called. J.’s has tactile sensitivity in the head area.  He hates having haircuts.  The only time his mom can cut his hair is when  he is asleep.

J. has delayed response to pain, he doesn’t like having his clothes wet.  He also has a high pain tolerance. At this point in time, he needs assistance with toilet training, blowing nose and dressing up. He cannot focus long enough on tasks.

Prior to coming here, Teacher Steph asked  J’s mom to let J. undergo an EENT check up.  J’s mom discovered that J. had impacted earwax.   J. had to be sedated in order for the doctor to remove the blackened earwax from his ears.

During evaluation, J. had to be held by his mother and yaya because he would cry and try to remove the headphones.  Although J. never exhibited any form of sound sensitivity, J’s mom was surprised at his violent reaction to AIT.

Teacher Steph explained to J.’s mom that most children take sometime to get used to AIT. The change in routine combined with being in an unfamiliar place and the child’s sound sensitivity issues is a challenge for any child with autism.


1st DAY  

J. was calm. He did not cry but after 15 minutes, he started to be restless.  He would say random words like “oh no”, “Hi”, “oil”.  He was able to endure the entire session.

During the second session, J. was calm and feel asleep during session.

2nd DAY

Upon start of the session, J. said “Oh Man!”  and then Teacher Steph spoke to him and said that he had to wear the headphones. Funnily J  replied. “Ok. Ok.” J. was little more behaved in AIT than he was during the first time.

During the second session, J. said “goodbye dog”.  He was also able to say “ all done” and “open the door” with heavy prompting.

3rd DAY

Today  he was able to say “ All done”  and “Bye po” with heavy prompting.  Teacher did not remove headphones until Janz complied.

During the second session, J. was able to say “ all done” after heavy prompting. Teacher Steph would not let him remove the headphones.   He was restless, noisy and had difficulty with the sounds and would cry.

4th DAY

J. kept laughing throughout the first session. During the second session, he fell asleep.

That night he surprised him mom by saying “ Post Usap Deal”.  His mom was browsing on the website and didn’t expect that Janz would be able to read the words.

5th DAY

During the session, J. read the word “bear” on Mommy’s tshirt.  After the 1st session, Teacher Steph told J. to wear shoes.  J. surprised Teacher Steph by replying “ I know. I know.” Teacher Steph asked J. to say “open the door.”  J. refused.  Teacher Steph asked Mom to leave the room.

As soon as Mom left the room,  J. freaked out and threw a tantrum for ten minutes and tried to open the door by himself.  J. gave up after ten minutes since Teacher Steph wouldn’t budge from the door. He was able to say “open the door” by himself and Teacher Steph automatically allowed him to go out of the room.

During the 2nd session, J got upset, cried and fell asleep.  He was able to do two things today with minimal prompting – say “ all done” once the music stopped and say “open door”  .  When J. got out side and played with the car slide, Teacher Steph went over to play with him for a while.  J. was able to say “ car” after several prompts.

6th DAY

J. and his mom usually stay on the rooftop garden of the building when they get to STLC early in the morning.  J. noticed that there was a man exercising.  J . went near and said “ HI Tito”.  Mom was very much surprised as J. doesn’t usually go out of his way to greet people.

During the sessions today, J. was able to repeat  the words “ laugh” , “hug”, “tickle” when taught.  He doesn’t normally like to repeat words being taught to him.  He said “ will go” by himself.

J. surprised his mom this morning by telling her “ Let’s open the door, Mommy.” Or “Open the door please”.  J. shows better eye contact.  He also cried last night because his teeth hurt.

During the second session, he was again able to say “ all done” and “ say open door”.


This morning, Mom tells me about a funny incident that happened while she was getting J. to brush his teeth.  J. is due for a minor tooth surgery as he has one tooth that needs to be taken out. Naturally, he refuses to have anyone touch his teeth as he is in pain.

Mom had to force him to get him to brush his teeth via a wrestling match which Mom won.  J. surprised Mom by shouting “Help me ! Help me ! Help me ! ”.  At first Mom didn’t understand what J. was shouting, but it sank in that J. was actually asking for help.

8th DAY

J. has been very well behaved during his AIT sessions.

9th Day

J. surprised Mom by pulling her hand and telling her “ Let’s Go” after eating at Ministop.

After the sessions, Teacher Steph stayed beside her wooden tree play house.  J. came near and began fiddling with the playhouse and turning the wheel part of the playhouse  left and right.  While J. was turning the wheel, he said “Turn”.

During a visit to SM after therapy, J. noticed a little girl in the mall.  He went up to a five year old girl and said “ Hi girl”.

Mom had another toothbrush wrestling experience with J.   J. again surprised Mom by shouting  “ Ate. Ate. Help Me!”  Mom wanted to laugh.

10th day

J. went to the roof top garden again today and greeted the man on the bench “ Hi Tito.”

Teacher Steph greeted J. as she arrived in the center.  J. was playing with cars. When Teacher Steph approached him, he said “ Oh no!” and ran to his mom.  Teacher Steph called him and he looked at her. Teacher Steph gestured for him to come near and said “car”.  J. approached slowly, Teacher Steph gave him  the car and J. surprised her by getting the car and saying “Thank you” without any prompting when he got the car.

J. was well behaved.  He was able to say “ wear socks and shoes” after the first session.  He also said “ Let’s go” “open door” and even told Teacher Steph “ Bye” for the first time.


J. was not in a good mood after AIT but he was able to do the several drawings. It is interesting to  note that even the way he would draw the number 8, the sun, rainbow, house and face  and circle had remarkable difference after the sessions.

J.’s mom also noticed that he it is easier to get his attention now than it was before, but he has also gotten a bit stubborn and will ignore you if he is doing something he is very interested in.

We are thankful to J. ‘s mom for allowing us to share his story.

There are many other mothers who are like J.’s mom.  In their search to give their children the best they can,  these moms are forced by necessity to explore alternatives and therapies outside of the limited resources available to them.  We admire mothers like J. ‘s mom.  They go beyond borders and expectations.

I do hope to meet and be able to  tell more stories about mothers like J.’s mom in the future and how their active efforts help change their children’s future.

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AIT Experience of a 10 year old with Autism and Extreme Hypersensitivity to Sound

Lala , 10 years old, had her AIT assessment recently.  She and her mother travelled for hours to get to Manila on her summer break.  Lala was first diagnosed with autism at 1 year 10 months.  She has speech delay, verbal stims, tactile sensitivity, behavioural issues, short attention span and fleeting eye contact.

Her speech is limited to communicating her wants.  ” I want to go to SM Manila” or ” I want a brown lollipop”.  Her speech is a little garbled, it is not that easy to understand her words.

Lala’s therapies include ABA, OT, Speech Therapy and GFCF diet. Lala’s mom, Tina  has spent the last 8 years of Lala’s life shuttling to and from the province to make sure that Lala gets the best therapists, doctors, special education programs for her daughter.

Mommy Tina even took the time to study Applied Behavioral Analysis in Manila.  It is not an easy life for Mommy Tina as she spends her time juggling career and her daughter’s scheduled therapies in Manila and in their province.

Mommy Tina’s major issues with Lala is her hypersensitivity to sound.  She cannot stand sounds made by the air conditioner, electric fans, alarm sounds made by elevators, paging systems.

She also dislikes sounds made by car horns, refrigerator , toilet flushing, the dripping / pouring sound of a  faucet, the sound of a piano, people singing or even the sound of sliding glass doors opening o/ chairs scratching against the floor.

It is mostly low frequency sounds that seem to bother her.  Her defense against the sounds she dislikes is to cover her ears, turn on the IPAD or IPhone music louder, play the same music repetitively  or make a blaring trumpet like sound to block out the noise.

Most children that undergo AIT  often have difficulty tolerating headphones, music or even the thirty (30) minute waiting time that the change in routine involves.

Lala is no different.   She was able to behave and despite showing obvious discomfort with the sounds.  She also exhibited verbal times during therapy.  Lala always brings a doll to her therapy sessions.  The doll helps calm her.

Day 1

On the way to STLC, Lala covers her ears while riding the car.  She was allowed by her mother to play the IPAD/ IPhone during the ride.  When her mother asked her to lower the volume of the sounds, she resisted.

Lala and her mom are on their 2nd day in Manila, since coming here.  Lala has difficulty adjusting in Manila.  She refuses to turn on the air conditioning and even the electric fan as the sounds irritate her too much.  Both mother and daughter sleep uncomfortably because of the heat.

Lala has difficulty with the therapy on the first day and is uncomfortable with all the sounds she hears on her headphones.  She would make trumpet like sounds to try to block out the noise.  She also cried at the end of the 2nd session.

Day 2

Lala covers her ears while riding the car.  She also covers her ears when she and her mom ride the elevator going up to the center.

Lala is still adjusting to the therapy. She shows discomfort and has to be reminded to behave.  She is still making the trumpet like sounds.  She has her stims. She keeps telling her Mom to go  “ SM Manila.”  Mom keeps reminding Lala they will go to SM if she behaves.

After the therapy, Mom and Lala take the elevator down. Mom notices that Lala is not covering her ears.

On the 2nd session of AIT, Mom and Lala again took the elevator up. Mom noticed again that Lala did not cover her ears.  Lala ‘s verbal stims increased noticeably during therapy.

Day 3

Mom is happy today. She was very excited to share the news that Lala was able to sleep in an air conditioned room for the first time. Mom is so amazed that Lala allowed her to leave the air con on until morning.Image

Day 4

Lala still covers her ears while riding the car but she was able to tolerate removing her hands from her ears in intervals for 1 minute or less from Don Antonio Heights to Greenhills.

Mom was able to redirect Lala’s attention to more conversation and tickle play while riding the car. Mom noticed that Lala’s stims are loud during the first session.  She was able to use the IPAD and IPHONE without sound or lowered sounds.

Going home, Mom prompted Lala to play the IPAD in the car, but Lala declined and did not want to play.

Mom noticed that Lala did not cover her ears upon using the elevator in going up and down the center.

She also allowed Mom to turn on the air condition on at home before going to sleep at night.  She was able to sleep peacefully until the morning.

Mom noticed that Lala is less upset with the sound of glass sliding doors being closed or opened.

Day 5

On the way to STLC, Mom noticed that Lala covers her ears less while riding the taxi.  Mom did not have to initiate any redirecting to distract Lala’s attention from the sounds.

Lala still has verbal stims, but these have lessened since the last few days.  She did not cover her ears in going up and down using the elevator.

She seems restless in the morning session and made verbal stims.

During the afternoon session, Lala feel asleep for around 10 minutes or so. She continues to be able to tolerate sleeping in the room with the air conditioner on until morning.

Day 6

Mom notices that Lala’s habit of covering her ears during car rides have further lessened.  She continues to do  verbal stims.  Lala is very preoccupied with a brown lollipop which she saw on one of her trips to the mall.

Lala was very cooperative during the morning session and did not make trumpet like sounds.  In the afternoon, Lala was a little less behaved and made stims.

That night, Lala surprised her Mom by allowing the electric fan to be turned on in her room at #1 but at a distance.

Day 7

While dressing up in the morning, Lala allowed her Mom to open the electric fan at a distance from where she was changing.  Lala still covers her ears while riding in the car, but she is able to uncover them from time to time.

Lala is still preoccupied with the lollipop.   Her behaviour in the morning is better than her afternoon sessions.  Lala noisy during the 2nd session and cried for a minute before the session ended.

Day 8

Lala still covers her ears while riding the ear, but she does it now alternately.  She has less verbal stims today and was able to cooperate very well with the AIT therapy.

She continues to be able to tolerate the air conditioner while sleeping.   She can stand having the electric fan on at a distance, but she’ll turn it off after 5 to 15 minutes or so.

During the afternoon session, she started a habit of singing like a soprano instead of doing trumpet like sounds.   When told by her mom to stop making those sounds, Lala turned to her mom and said “ Sing!”. She meant that she was singing.

Day 9

Lala covers her ears alternately while riding the car.  She has verbal stims. Today she is preoccupied with McDonald’s . Her verbal stims significantly lessened after she was able to eat at Mc Donald’s during the 3 hour break.

Day 10

Lala is finishes her therapy with flying colors.  She exhibits less stims during the therapy.  Mom is glad that she took the chance of trying out AIT even if it meant being absent from work for more than a week.  She is happy with Lala’s improvements and looks forward to seeing more developments in the future.

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Best Rubbing Alcohol for Use for Children

Mymikhaela's Weblog

I often go wonder what kind of alcohol I use for disinfecting my children’s things. Sometimes I ‘d go out and buy ethyl alcohol and other times I’d grab isopropyl alcohol off the shelf.

Price didn’t really matter so much as we didn’t use it as often as other families did.

Rubbing alcohol is topically used as a disinfectant . There are two kinds of alcohol presents in the market, ethyl and isopropyl alcohol.

Ethyl Alcohol is made from 70 to 95% ethanol, water, acetone and other chemicals.
It is unfit for human consumption and can be toxic or even a cause of death if it is consumed.

Ethyl Alcohol is good for reducing bacterial count. It is not as effective against viruses and fungi. It is ineffective against spores.

Isopropyl is made by combining water with propylene. People often used isopropyl alcohol to do medicinal rubdowns to help bring…

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AIT Experience of a 3 ½ year old boy with ASD and advanced sight reading skills

Ryan is a 3 ½ year old boy.  He was diagnosed at age 2 with autism spectrum disorder .He started on the GFCF diet since age 2 and is on biomedical intervention, speech therapy, occupational therapy and ABA.  Ryan is good at identifying colors, numbers, alphabets, animals, plants and dinosaurs. He has very good memory for objects.  He is able to say limited sentences with prompting “ I like to drink milk”. “ I like to wipe” “Give me” or “ I want” , but it is all rote, limited  and memorized.  It is also difficult to understand some words that he says.

Ryan is hyperactive. He has fleeting eye contact.  He doesn’t have good balance and falls often. He has a fixation on jumping on beds .  It is hard to get him to stop when he starts jumping on a bed.

Mom looks tired and frustrated when we talk. She tells me about her first visit to the doctor who diagnosed Ryan with autism and how the doctor almost laughed when she asked if her son’s condition was curable. There are times that she doesn’t know what to do anymore. She finds it difficult to understand Ryan’s quirks.  She’s trying her best in giving him time, attention, and therapy. Even bedtime is a difficult routine, Ryan would even pull her hair if he doesn’t want to go to sleep yet.

Like most children with ASD, Ryan often needs instructions repeated five times before he follows. He doesn’t seem to like to listen and does only what he likes. He has slowed or delayed response to verbal stimuli. He has poor comprehension.  He learns poorly through verbal instruction. He is more of a visual learner.

Interestingly, Ryan loves to read.  He would always been seen flipping through the pages of a book or a magazine and reading out loud words or phrases that are beyond his age.   He spends an average of 2 minutes on a book, randomly reading words aloud and flipping through.  He has short attention span and reads without understanding the meaning of the words.   Mom feels that Ryan knows a lot, but he ‘s has difficulty trying to express what he knows and wants.

Ryan often seems to be in another world.   He doesn’t play well with other children.   He has poor organizational skills.   He babbles.  He likes to memorizes words.  He prefers to play alone.  Ryan ignores people especially when they ask him questions.  Ryan has to be prompted at least five (5) times before he will answer a question.  He never asks permission before he does anything.

As far as Mom can remember, Ryan has been hypersensitive to sound. He  is easily distracted by noise especially the TV.  He refuses to go into parties.  He hates going to Chinese restaurants and would rather stay outside than go in. He generally hates loud sounds.   He would often have a 30 minute meltdown when forced to go inside.

Autism advocate Thomas Mc Kean noted in his observations that there seems to be some correlation in violent behavior (i.e. meltdown) and auditory triggers. He suggests that parents looks for the source of the sound causing distress.  In Ryan’s case, it is the loudness of the party. To avoid meltdowns, Ryan, his mom and his yaya, woud stay outside the restaurant.

Mom recalls when Ryan was younger, how he would refuse to have a haircut.  Luckily, he has outgrown his fear of having haircuts.  Similarly he used to have tactile issues with shoes, but this has been resolved ever since they decided through therapy and other interventions like  GFCF.

Mom’s wishes that  AIT would help him  improve his  attention span.  Help him tolerate restaurant noise so they could eat out like regular families do.  She wishes that Ryan would have less sensory problems and have better response to name calling and eye contact.  She also wishes that Ryan would be able to learn to communicate better through verbal instruction.


His mom and I both discover that Ryan can’t stand the AIT therapy. He spent thirty (30) minutes crying and pulling at his mom’s hair or yaya’s hair just to get them to let go of him.  He struggled to remove headphones.  Mom was worried that Ryan would refuse to go back for his 1st day of AIT.

1st day

Ryan  complied with headphones usage for the first  2 minutes, and the rest was a big struggle. It took three (3 ) people to let him comply.  By the 2nd half of the session, he refused to go in  the center.  It was a struggle bringing him in. Teacher Steph had to carry him in and he was trying to pull her hair.

During the break, Mom took Ryan along to visit a friend’s house.  Ryan wanted to jump on the friend’s bed.  Mom prevented Ryan from jumping on the bed and Ryan decided to have a 30 minute meltdown.

Ryan was upset during the 2nd session, but ended up complying as long as his mom stopped holding him.   He kept saying “’I’m trapped”, “I’m in a trapped.”  On the other hand he would say nonsensical things like “parents and children” .  He had a hard time saying “Remove”.

2nd day

Ryan had to be held again.  He would often try to remove his headphones.  He was generally very uncooperative. He would say “it’s a trap.”  He  amazed us by showing us that he is able to read long paragraphs by himself from the Frog book.


Initially he made Teacher Steph read,  but in the end he read the book by himself with a little help on long words like “Calaveros County” or “herpetologist”, but he was able to remember how to pronounce them correctly.

Mom was amazed because before AIT,  Ryan couldn’t  even  focus long enough  to finish a paragraph. He would often skip pages.

3rd day

Ryan cried at mid therapy. He was so upset that we had to restrain him.  He kept pulling mom’s hair or even yaya’s hair in retaliation. Teacher Steph had to do timeout for Ryan several times until he calmed down.  This is to teach Ryan that hair pulling or hurting others has a consequence.  This happens to be Mom’s biggest problem with Ryan.

Ryan took out his anger on the poor unsuspecting driver waiting for him.  Without any warning, Ryan began pulling on the driver’s hair as soon as he got close and wouldn’t let go until Mom hit his hand.

4th day

Ryan was very compliant today and did not have to be held.  This is the first time his dad accompanied him.

2nd session. Ryan went in by himself, lay down and just allowed Teacher Steph to put on the headphones without a fuss.  He was generally behaved.

5th day

Ryan was so upset while going to therapy.  He kept on pulling his mommy’s hair.  He also kept on crying  during the sessions.  He is frustrated and unable to say what he really wants.  Just keeps saying “ frog, elevator and milk.” over and over again.


6th day:

Ryan walks in and greets  Ate Kris by saying “ Smile”.  Everyone is surprised by his greeting as he normally just goes in without ever greeting anyone.

1st session: Ryan was very calm and behaved during the first session.

2nd session: Ryan was irritated during the 2nd session and would try to remove the headphone from his right ear.  He had a tantrum and fell asleep during the session.

Ryan’s mom brought him to Shangri-la mall.  They stood in line while  waiting for the elevator to open.  Once the elevator opened, Ryan reacted at seeing so many children inside the elevator and said out loud “so many kids.”

The adults in the elevator laughed. Mom was very surprised that Ryan was so observant and was able to express his thoughts.

That night Mom and Dad were discussing something in front of Ryan.  When Mom mentioned “Teacher Steph”, Ryan suddenly went up to his Mommy and grasped her shoulder saying “ I want to go to Teacher Steph.”  Mom was surprised that Ryan was actually listening in on their conversation, before he would never pay attention to them when they were talking.

7th day

While they were on their way to the center, Mom was surprised to hear Ryan say “Beep said the car.”

1st session:  Ryan was well behaved during the therapy and surprised us all by saying “all done” when the music stopped.

2nd session: Ryan had a meltdown.  But the meltdown did not last longer than 5 minutes. During his meltdown, everyone in the room ignored him.  Ryan’s meltdown would usually last for more than 30 minutes, culminating in hair pulling.

Mom observed a few things after the AIT sessions, Ryan’s words and pronunciation are a lot clearer than before . On the way to the restaurant, Mom told Ryan that she did not want him to play the IPAD in the car.  He could play the IPAD once they reached the restaurant.  Ryan amazed Mom by willingly putting the IPAD away.

A few days ago, you could not even get Ryan to comply without repeated prompts as Ryan is very attached to his IPAD.  Ryan also tried to confirm what his Mom told him by saying ‘ IPAD in restaurant?”.  Mom said “Yes, IPAD in the restaurant only.”

Mom also observed Ryan flipping through her magazines. At one point, Ryan wasn’t that careful with the way he would flipped through the magazines and accidentally crumpled a page.  Normally, he never cares if he damages the magazine,  but this time was different.

Mom was surprised that Ryan seemed worried that he damaged the magazine.  He even tried to flatten the creases by himself before hiding the magazine away. Mom was amused because it seemed that Ryan was aware that he could get into trouble because he damaged Mom’s magazine. He also surprised Mom by saying “Bye magazine, see you tomorrow.”

There was a family gathering at the restaurant they went to. One of Ryan’s aunties approached him and asked how old he was.  Ryan surprised everyone again by promptly answering “4 years old”.

8th day

1st session : Ryan was irritable for a while then behaved. Ryan kept giving his Mom orders during the session. He would say commands and expect his mom to follow them.  The commands he would say are “Mommy trap (it’s like a hug). Mommy cry (Mom would pretend to cry). Mommy hide (Mommy would hide her face).  Mommy laugh.  Mommy dance.  Mommy stand, etc.

This is not something that Ryan would typically do- before he would only say Mommy laugh.  Mommy was happy that Ryan would really watch and smile whenever his Mom followed his commands.  After the session, he said “ All Done.”

After the session, Ryan told his Mom “ I want. I want to go to restaurant.”

During lunch time, Ryan was rather behaved eating his GFCF food.  The only time he nearly had a meltdown was when he accidentally spilled water on the magazine.  He got so agitated that he nearly cried.  When Teacher Steph gave him a  table napkin to wipe the spilled water, he did his best to wipe the magazine page dry.

2nd session:  Ryan fell partly asleep during the session. At the end of the session, Ryan automatically said “Please remove. All done”  We all praised him for being able to say those words all by himself without any prompting. He got his magazine again from his Mom and proceed to browse though the magazine saying. “so many logo quizzes. Fendi  Channel. LV. Coach.”

When he notices his Mom looking at him, he says “Smile”.

That night, Mom forgot to give Ryan his melatonin.  Ryan had a long undisturbed sleep. Before when Ryan wasn’t taking melatonin, he would sleep and wake up every few hours or so.  Typical sleeping patterns with melatonin would last from 8 pm to 6 am.  Today, Ryan amazingly overslept.  It was hard to wake him up.

Mom also noticed that his reading was now more expressive and action oriented.  He would place emphasis on certain words.

Yesterday’s conversation went like this:

Mom : “Ryan do you want to pee?”

Ryan: “I need to pee. I need to poo.”

Mom is again surprised his reply.  She brought him to the toilet where he actually peed and pooed.

Mom was again surprised by Ryan asking for water.

Ryan : “Get water, I’m so thirsty.”

Mom was happy with these developments as she had spent several months trying to teach Ryan to say those sentences and he would never repeat or follow.

9th day

1st Session: Ryan tried to remove headphone on the right ear. He has difficulty with certain sounds in the program.  Mom had to hold him for a while but he eventually calmed down.

After the session, Ryan said : “I like to swim in the water.  I like to drink water.”   2nd session: Teacher Steph said goodbye. This is the first time  Ryan looked at me in the eyes  and replied: “Bye, Teacher Steph.”

That night, Mom saw Ryan initiate pretend play for the first time with a toy dinosaur.  He pretended that the dinosaur was opening the cabinet by itself.  He would try opening the cabinet by himself as well.   He also got the dinosaur to climb the stones.

10th day

1st session: Ryan was cooperative and now a little more talkative and would recite brand names aloud. Coors, Chevron, Fendi, LV,  Nike, Addidas… etc..

On the break, Ryan went with his mom to the furniture shop.  Ryan wanted to jump on the beds.   Luckily, Mom was able to talk him out of jumping on the beds by promising him the IPAD.  Unfortunately, when Mom gave the IPAD, the IPAD ran out of batteries.    He nearly had a meltdown again.   Mom was again able to reason with Ryan not to get angry.

This is not Ryan’s typical behaviour.  He often could not be reasoned with.

New things that Ryan said during the session:

Ryan says a lot of words or phrases that he recalls but they don’t seem to be connected  to each other.

New things that Ryan said during the session:

“Baby and Mama are angry.  “

“She is in Sound Therapy Center.”

“ Mommy clap. Mommy hide.  Wacky star! Mommy hide.”

He pulled Mommy’s hair a little but let go after a short while.  Mom says that Ryan’s hair pulling behaviour has improved since we gave him timeout as a consequence.  He was able to say “All Done” immediately as soon as the music stopped.

He was also able to say “Hug your tummy.” when he’s had a tantrum.  Mom always tells him to just hug his tummy when angry. Mom was happy that Ryan remembered what she taught him.

2nd session: Ryan  kept playing a game with Mommy and giving her commands like: “Mommy shout”. Mommy would then shout “Ah!”. Ryan would laugh.  He would also give random commands like     “ Mommy fly”, “Mommy cry”, “ Mommy catch”, “Mommy hide”.  He would also say random words and phrases like “Breeze”, “ Jungo said “Brush your hair” , “song and dance!” .  He would also recite sentences that his mother would say like “No grabbing hair”, “No biting” ,“Mommy biting”, and “Mommy clap”.

During lunch time, Yaya was getting Ryan to eat.  Mom overhead Ryan telling Yaya “I will eat later ! No! No Food!”. Ryan has never complained to Yaya about his food or wanting to eat.

During the evening, Ryan was able to say the following sentences:

‘ Hide under the blanket. “  “ Ryan is hiding from light.” “ There are magazines in the crib.” , “ Ask permission.”

Mom laughed at Ryan when she noticed him looking at a magazine ad and pointed out the Estee Lauder perfume being covered by Clinique model.   He said “ I can’t see Estee Lauder.  The girl can see Clinique.”

He has also started being able to complete simple sentences like “ You are Mommy.” and issue commands like  “ Walk with me”.

Ryan’s mom says that her decision to do AIT is something that she doesn’t regret. When she first heard about AIT, she was initially skeptical.  She went through the website and recognized her son’s symptoms.  She wanted to try in the hopes that AIT would help him. AIT ‘s benefits are different for each and every child.  Mom is just glad that she took the chance.

Ryan is easier to teach and to talk to.  He is also better at controlling his frustration as he is better able to comprehend what his mother wants him to do.  At the end of the 10 days, Ryan’s mom is happier, her face is more relaxed.  She has high hopes for Ryan in future.

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2013 Affordable Summer Swim Therapy for Children with Autism in the Old Balara, near Katipunan, Quezon City Areas at the Ayala Hillside Estates

Swim Therapy is a program focused for special needs children. Swim therapy lessons are by APPOINTMENT and can be on a year round basis. 

Swimming Lessons are taught by Coach Sherwin dela Paz.  Coach Sherwin is a certified swim coach.  He is Philippine National Red Cross Trained.  Currently, he holds the position of head coach of the Ateneo De Manila University Varsity Team.  He is also head coach of the Rizal Technology University.

We’ve also attached their summer schedule for regular classes for your perusal:


Batch 1 April 1 to April 12, 2013

Batch 2 April 15- April 26, 2013

Batch 3 April 29- May 12, 2013

Batch 4 May 15 – May 26, 2013


1st Class 7:30 -8:30 am

2nd class 8:45 -9:45 am

3rd Class 10:00 to 11 am


Monday to Friday Night classes 7:30 to 9:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday Classes 7:30-8:30 am and 8:45 to 9:45 am.

*Swim therapy and private schedule classes will be coordinated with the Coach, parent and administration.


Toddler  Class – water orientation for ages 4 to 6  years old   Php 3500 for 10 sessions

Basic – Water orientation, survivial swimming for children at least 7 and above who never had formal training.  PHp 3000 for 10 sessions

Competitive-  Learn all 4 strokes and swim laps (workout) to strengthen cardiovascular capacity Php 3000 for 10 sessions

Swim Therapy  – eliminate or at least reduce obstacles that might keep a child with special needs from full and active participation in society  4,500 for 8 sessions.

Please contact  Coach Sherwin 09194769194 , Coach Krystal 09219939518, Tess 4126937


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2013 Summer Swimming Lessons for Adults and Children with Autism


I find it commendable that swimming programs are offered for persons with autism.  Aqualogic has a program AquaPALS (Persons with Autism Learning to Swim) which offers a    1:1 specially tailored to persons with autism.  Lessons are 2x a week .  There are 8 lessons per module.  Each lesson is good for 30 minutes.  Pricing is PHp 7396.00 per module.

To give you more background on Aqualogic Swim Co.  This is a company  headed by Ria Mackay.  Ms. Mackay was a competitive swimmer in her younger years and has been teaching swimming both here and abroad for the last 20 years. She began expanding her teaching operations in 2006, when she formed Aqualogic Swim Company with the help of her former teammate, Nonoy Basa.

Aqualogic Swim Co. is a member of the United States Swim School Association (USSSA) and World Aquatics Baby Congress (WABC).

They are the only licensed Total Immersion™ Swim School in the Philippines.

They also conduct lessons in different venues in Metro Manila, namely Makati Shangri-La Hotel, Galeria de Magallanes Clubhouse, The Village Sports Club in BF Paranaque, and Colegio San Agustin in Dasmarinas Village, Makati.

They currently handle the Special PE Swimming Program of Colegio San Agustin for SY 2010-2011 for Pre-School to Highschool. We also handle the PE swim program for the Lower School levels of Keys School in Mandaluyong.

They have also provided swimming instruction for The Maria Montessori Children’s School Foundation in Paranaque, and have taught over 1000 students with ages ranging from 6 months to 70+ years old.


Additional Classes now open at Edsa Shangri-la Hotel!EDSA SHANGRILA HOTELTuesday and Thursday  (Aquakids) (to start on April 11, 2013)2:00-3:00pm

Saturday (to start on April 6, 2013)

7:00-8:00am  (Aquatech)  12 slots only
8:00-9:00am  (Aquakids) 12 slots only

Summer Classes will start on April 1, 2013

see schedule below:
(Aquakids 3-12yo and Aquatech Program 13yo-up)

Makati Shangri-la Hotel
Monday and Wednesday ( Aquakids)      8:30 AM – 9:30 AM
9:30 AM – 10:30 AM
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Monday and Wednesday (Aquatech)       7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
8:00PM – 9:00 PM
Tuesday and Thursday  (Aquatech)         7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
8:00PM – 9:00 PM
Edsa Shangri-la Hotel
Monday and Wednesday ( Aquakids)      2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Monday and Wednesday (Aquafitness)  6:30 PM – 7:30PM

Tuesday and Thursday (Aquatech)          7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
8:00 PM – 9:00 PM
The Village Sports Club
Tuesday and Thursday ( Aquakids)         8:30 AM – 9:30 AM
9:30 AM – 10:30 AM
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Tuesday and Thursday ( Aquababes)

9:30 AM – 10:30 AM (6-18mos)
9:30 AM – 10:00 AM (19-28mos)
10:00 am -10:30am  ( 29-36mos)

Linden Suites – (Aquababes)-  37 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Centre, Pasig 1600
(indoor and heated pool)
Tuesday and Thursday

3:00-3:30 PM     6-18mos
3:30-4:00 PM     19-28mos
4:00-4:30 PM     29-36mos
4:30-5:00 PM     29-36mos

Call  837.1716 / call or text 0917.858.2782 email: for booking.

Rates are as follows:

Annual Registration Fee: P500 per student
AQUABABES / AQUATOTS (Infant-Toddler Swimming)
2x a week      = P 5,995 / 8 lessons
Once a week = P 6,395 / 8  lessons
AQUAKIDS (Teaching Kids to Swim)
2x a week      = P6,695 / 8 lessons
Once a week = P7,395 / 8 lessons
2x a week = P7,895 (valid for 4 weeks)
2x a week = P4,500 (8 lessons)AquaPALS (Persons with Autism Learning to Swim – 1:1)
2 x week =  P7,396 / 8 lessons (30 mins) per lesson
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Special Kids a Video Modelling Therapy Program


On a trip to my favorite video store, a 4 DVD boxed set series called Special Kids caught my eye. This boxed set contains 8 shows. 2  30 minute shows per DVD. I was initially quite skeptical as to how a video would be able to help a child with special needs and decided to do more research.

After reading up on the videos, I discovered that the videos were made by an award winning writer who is also the father of a child with special needs.  I also learned that Special Kids speech and skill building video programs are being used in 30 countries and 500 US school systems.

Special Kids speech and skill building video programs have been demonstrated to help many visual learners acquire verbal, reading, writing, academic, motor, play, self-help, social and interactive skills.

Special Kids 30-minute programs utilize concept-to-language association, object-to language association, action-to-language association, labeling, sequencing, modeling and generalization .  These video methods  are now proven effective in numerous university and hospital sponsored studies of high-visual special needs audiences.


In the U.S. these videos are being sold from John Sprecher’s website for USD 29.95 (or Php 1221.96)  per video without taxes or shipping .  The whole set alone would cost you USD 239.6 (or Php 9775.68).  In the Philippines, the original boxed set would only cost you four hundred pesos (Php 400.00).  At 4% of the original USD price, this boxed set is a bargain.

Here are summaries of the videos included in the boxed set:

The Alphabet

Goals: Communications, Academics, Motor
Feature Running Time Approx 30 Minutes ” Color
**Available only in DVD**

You’ll Learn Everything From A to Z! How do we talk and write and read? We use words – and the 26 great letters of the alphabet are how we make them! Join John and learn everything from A to Z! Upper case letters. Lower case letters. How to say them. How to write them. And how letters take on meaning and become words! Speech, labeling, writing, reading, generalization and association to words.

Body Parts & Grooming

Goals: Self-Help, Communications, Social, Motor
Feature Running Time Approx 30 Minutes
**Available only in DVD**

Do you know how to wash your hands, brush your teeth and comb your hair? Join John and learn all about your body and how to keep it clean. From head to toe, you’ll see that boys and girls aren’t all that different as you learn to bathe, shower, wash hair, brush teeth, even trim nails! Speech, labeling, writing, reading, sequencing, modeling, generalization, and association to objects and actions.

Getting Ready

Goals: Self-Help, Communications, Motor, Social
Feature Running Time Approx 30 Minutes
**Available only in DVD**

It’s fun to get ready for the day. Do you know how to do it? Join John and get ready, get set and go! You’ll learn to care for yourself: how to bathe, shower, brush teeth and comb hair. Then you’ll learn how to dress yourself (and undress), with emphasis on tying, buckling, zipping and buttoning. Speech, labeling, writing, reading, sequencing, modeling, generalization, and association to objects and actions.

Things in a Day

Goals: Social, Communications, Play, Motor
Feature Running Time Approx 30 Minutes
**Available only in DVD**

There are lots of great things to enjoy every day, from family and friends, to food and fun! Join John and learn all about them. You’ll discover things around your house. You’ll learn important things: telling time, answering a telephone, buckling a seatbelt. Plus you’ll do lots of fun things, too. Speech, labeling, writing, reading, sequencing, modeling, generalization, and association to objects, actions and concepts.

A Day at School

Goals: Social, Communications, Motor, Play
Feature Running Time Approx 30 Minutes
**Available only in DVD**

What’s a typical day at school like? There’s a lot to do and it’s a lot of fun! Join John and learn the alphabet, numbers, spelling, reading and writing. You’ll sing a song, watch kids color pictures and play at recess. Plus you’ll learn how to behave…from getting on the bus, to sitting quietly, to raising your hand or waiting your turn. Speech, labeling, writing, reading, sequencing, modeling, generalization, and association to objects, actions and concepts.

Shapes & Colors

Goals: Communications, Early Academics, Play, Motor
Feature Running Time Approx 30 Minutes
**Available only in DVD**

The world is full of great shapes and beautiful colors! Join John and learn circles, squares, triangles, stars and more shapes, plus reds, greens, blues, yellows and more colors. Trace your favorite shapes! Color your favorite colors! Then show what you’ve learned by identifying each one. Speech, labeling, writing, reading, generalization and association to objects

Animals, Birds & Fish

Goals: Early Academics, Play, Motor
Feature Running Time Approx 30 Minutes
**Available only in DVD**

Dogs and birds make great pets, but not elephants or sharks or tigers! Join John and meet the many cool creatures that share our world inside our house, up in the air, sown on the farm, deep in the ocean or the jungle. Plus you’ll learn many animal sounds, from moos to meows! Speech, labeling, writing, reading, generalization and association to objects.


Goals: Early Academics, Play, Motor
Feature Running Time Approx 30 Minutes
**Available only in DVD**

Words are our great friends and helpers – because when we use words, we communicate! Join John and learn how to spell an alphabet-full of wonderful words. You’ll read and write and say words, create sentences from words and discover how sentences make a story! Speech, labeling, writing, reading, generalization and association to objects.

Special Kids is the only video modeling therapy programs in the world specifically created and produced for children and teens with all types of developmental, cognitive and learning disabilities

Special Kids is available at all Astrovision/Astroplus branches. Please call branches for availability. As this is a sale item, stocks may be limited.

Astroplus SM North EDSA  9201531

Astroplus SM Makati 8182382

Astroplus SM Mall of Asia 5560080

Astroplus SM Megamall 6331707

Astrovision Ermita 5363228

Astrovision Festival Mall 8503978

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Summer Sports Activities for Kids in Metro Manila 2013

Summer’s here finally here.  It’s the only time of the year where we can spend our precious few months developing our children’s love for sports and healthy exercise.  Children who join team sports not only benefit physically through exercise, but they  also improve their psychological and social well being.

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry reports that behavior learned in childhood influences adult behavior .  Children’s involvement in sports helps them develop healthy habits and behaviors.  These are just some of the benefits you can look forward to when you get your child into sports.

We’ve compiled a list of sports for parents to check out :



Benel Archery Club  17 Calbayog St. 1550 Mandaluyong Philippines  Contact. 5314681.  More for age 8 and up.


Milo BEST Clinics offers basketball and volleyball training.  They also have a lot more choices of schools to choose from .  Locations are generally more accessible.

Manila Downtown YMCA also offers basketball training for the summer please see schedule below


SM Bowling offers basic training workshops in four locations North Edsa, Fairview, Valenzuela and Cebu. Cherrie Del Rosario/Francis Honorica  5661533 to 34 .


Metropolitan Chess Club offers a lot of locations to choose from Paranaque, Las Pinas, Bacoor, Manila, Quezon City, Antipolo, Marikina, Rizal, Pasig, Taguig, Pasay, Kapitolyo.  Paranaque, Muntinlupa . Please visit the link for schedules and contact person.


Ateneo Football program offered in Ateneo High School Football Field .Please call Ms. Marlyn Franco at 4266001 loc 4192 or Mr. Joseph del Valle at 4266001 loc 6220.  12 sessions. Classes start April 2013.


Club Gymnastica offers gymnastic training this summer with 3 locations to choose from.

St. Paul Pasig, Club Gymnastica Pasig and Novaliches.   Susan Talingting 6352553/6420660/ (0917)9553078.

Ice Skating

SM Ice Skating is only offered in 2 locations : Mall of Asia and Southmall. You can also contact  Frances Mariano or Francis Bohol for more details 8000426 or


AAK Karatedo is also offered in a variety of locations. Please refer to the link below for the various schedules and locations. Please visit the link for schedules and contact person.


Bert Lozada average rates are  around 4000 php  for 10 sessions depending on location.  There is a yearly 350 php annual membership fee as well. Bert Lozada has a well established reach across the country.

Swimtech is Milo’s answer to Bert Lozada’s Swimming School. They have a wide range of classes all over the country. Please visit for schedules and contact person.

Swimplus is an NGO. 4328287/ 0916 5425149 Ed or Mat Loteria. They are most for Valenzuela or Bulacan residents.  Please see link to their Facebook site or search Ensogo for deals.

Manila Downtown YMCA also offers swimming training for the summer please see schedule below

Table Tennis

Table Tennis Sport Clinic at Harrison Plaza Table Tennis Club at Shooters Billards and Table Tennis 2nd Floor Harrison Plaza Shopping Mall, A. Mabini St. Malate Manila. Please contact Floro L. Tagum 09193332855 for more details

Manila Downtown YMCA also offers swimming training for the summer please see schedule below


Milo’s Taekwondo programs  are also available in several locations across the country.

Please visit the link to get hold of their schedules  of the various sports and programs

Manila Downtown YMCA also offers taekwondo training for the summer please see schedule below

Milo Summer Sports Clinics

Milo  has a lot of other summer programs nationwide. They offer badminton, chess, tennis, taekwondo, volleyball and futsal.  For NCR, locations are Rizal, Caloocan, Malate, Valenzuela, Novaliches, Manila, and Marikina.   You can visit: or call GREATFIL TEAM INC. (PAT GOC-ONG) at 09175899880 or 3536288 or 9666333.  Or visit the link for schedules and contact person.

Manila Downtown YMCA also offers a variety of sports this summer from April 1 to May.



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